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About Website and Author


The internet has a wealth of information at your fingertips. Unfortunately figuring out what is 'cool' in all the noise can be difficult.

This site provides a search engine, of sorts, through the noise by letting anyone view, share, and vote on their favorites things they feel is truly 'way cool!'. Please sign up and share yours and/or just contribute by voting. This is a FREE site for personal use, and we hope to always operate as a FREE site providing news of new, interesting and 'way cool' items as a courtesy to all users interested.

We expect that some business advertising, or even linking 'way cool' items to other web sites for quick purchase by our users may be available at a future date.


This site was developed from scratch by Rick Rojas who has a deep love for technology, and especially 'cool gadgets'. As such created a special category just for Gadgets since he's always on the hunt to find new toys. If you find something 'way cool' out there please share it with others by adding information about it to this site.


Rick is a Systems Software Engineer working at the Space Coast, Florida. On his free time he is also a hobbiest computer user & developer. Like most developers, Rick is constantly learning new technologies and this is his 3rd attempt at a personal high performance dynamic web site. This time using most of his favorite open web protocols and technologies that he needed to tone up his skills on (PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, Ajax & Dynamic HTML).

Rick has been working on Software projects for 30 years from small utilities/games (published in disk magazines), Enterprise Web Server Applications to large military projects including 11 years with Boeing (Tomahawk Cruise Missile Software). He is currently employed with Modus Operandi, inc. as a Systems Engineer developing Signal & Electronic Intelligence Software for the US Government.
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